Sunday, November 16, 2008

Iowa Editors Endorse "WPA-Style Jobs Program"

The Des Moines Register has just published a resounding endorsement of a public investment program to revitalize the economy and create new jobs. It's time for bold action from Congress and the incoming President.

Be bold: Start a WPA-style jobs program
Des Moines Register, November 16, 2008

"... Public-works programs provide lasting value. One way to create jobs: Invest in infrastructure. The federal government could quickly infuse money into states to fund projects that are already planned - including roads, bridges, sewers, parks and trails. That would create jobs for unemployed Americans, including those in the construction sector, which suffers from high unemployment because of the housing slowdown. Putting people to work sends money rippling through the economy."

"The bonus is this country would get more of its infrastructure updated - which would strengthen the economy against global competition for years to come."

"...This is an opportunity to rebuild - and rethink - the country's infrastructure. It's time to explore light rail, airplane technologies, solar power, wind power and other renewable sources of energy. Some economists are pushing for a "Green New Deal." As an example, offering tax credits for producing wind and solar energy or making energy-efficiency products would trigger the hiring of thousands of workers."

"Create jobs. Boost consumer confidence. Put the country on track for a brighter economic future. It makes more sense than pouring more billions into bailouts."

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