Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mayor Manny Diaz: Create Jobs on Main Street

On November 18, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz urged his colleagues at the National League of Cities to rally behind the Main Street Jobs and Infrastructure Stimulus Plan, proposed by the US Conference of Mayors. This $89.8 billion public investment plan includes new federal funding in the sectors of transit and roads, green jobs, school modernization, and community development

In his speech, Mayor Diaz said:

Can any of you imagine what we could do with $700 billion dollars in our cities? The Conference of Mayors and National League of Cities get it. Each and every one of us - we are the governments of first resort - but we should not have to be the governments of last resort.

It is time for Washington to end its partisan gridlock, end the pointless debates, and engage in some serious planning and leadership to address the issues we all face. It is time for all of us to have a partner in Washington - one that supports us, one that supports a "Main Street Stimulus." The only way to reverse this systemic, long-term economic crisis is to invest in our cities.

The Conference Of Mayors has developed a $90 billion dollar "Main Street Stimulus" that will create jobs now by investing in our infrastructure, creating a green economy, helping small businesses, and have lasting economic, equitable and sustainable benefits. But for this to work, we must make sure that this funding does not get stuck in the states, but that it goes directly to cities and metro areas…

We must each work with Congress to ensure that Main Street is not forgotten, better yet that it is understood. To ensure that they all know that an investment in America’s cities, an investment in America’s people is an investment in America’s future...

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