Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get Your Community On Record for Main Street Stimulus Package

As it appears it will now be several months before Congress takes further action on an economic stimulus package, the National Jobs for All Coalition urges communities to pass local resolutions in support of the Drive For Decent Work, to call for greatly expanded public investment in revitalizing infrastructure and services and creating millions of good jobs.

We've created a Draft Resolution here. You can plug in your local unemployment numbers, mobilize local allies, and off you go!

Many mayors, city and county officials are already on record in support of a proposed Main Street Stimulus package, which is an excellent start at the type of job creation program we need.

Let's build a drumbeat of local activism highlighting the benefits of a major public investment package for local infrastructure and services.

To pass a local resolution in your town, city, county or state:

1) Organize a Local Coalition of organizations who support The Drive for Decent Work
2) Survey Council members or Legislators to Learn More about Their Views on Jobs
3) Identify Council Member Allies who will Introduce the Resolution, and Support It
4) Hold a Public Education Event
5) Gather Other Endorsements or Signatures in Support
6) Conduct Outreach to the Media by adapting this Rresolution as a press release or letter to your local paper.

For more help with the Drive for Decent Work Resolution, contact: NJFAC Vice Chair Chuck Bell at cbell [at] or NJFAC Outreach Coordinator Logan Martinez, at loganmartinez2u [at]

See also the guide to Getting a Resolution passed at: (under Resolution Toolkits)

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