Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can infrastructure-led growth save the economy?

Can infrastructure-led growth save the economy?

Forget "stimulus." The U.S. needs more public investment paid for by more borrowing and higher taxes
by Michael Lind

"...The debate about American economic policy can best be understood with the help of a remark by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes: 'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.' When you have eliminated impossible policy options, whatever options remain, however difficult, must be pursued..."

"...To avoid competing with private enterprise, the government should produce public goods that increase overall productivity and that the private sector has no incentive to provide, in good times or bad, such as infrastructure and social services like policing, health care, education and care for the young and old. In addition to mobilizing idle resources and labor directly, both infrastructure and public service spending could help business in general by boosting the purchasing power of Americans who are now unemployed..."

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Renew Push for Full Employment

Robert L. Borosage: Reality Check:
Huffington Post
July 28, 2010

"...It is time to reassert that full employment is the primary measure of our economy: 'Continuous and useful employment for those willing and seeking to work.' Mass unemployment is an unacceptable failure. We will not learn to live with it. We will keep pushing until we eliminate it. Government will strive to create the conditions for the private market to create the jobs we need. But it will act as an employer of last resort for those unable to find work over a long period of time."

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

United Steelworkers negotiate green jobs deal for Texas wind farm

What’s Green, White and Blue? American Jobs - The Hill's Congress Blog:
By Leo W. Gerard, president of the United Steelworkers International


"... In a deal with the United Steelworkers (USW), two Chinese companies have agreed to build as much of the wind turbines as possible in America, using American-made steel, and creating perhaps 1,000 American jobs."

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

House moves to help teachers, public workers

The Associated Press: House moves to help teachers, public workers:

August 10, 2010

WASHINGTON — Hoping to show disenchanted voters that they are the party that cares about jobs, House Democrats are convening an emergency session to pass a bill aimed at saving hundreds of thousands of teachers and other public workers from unemployment....

...Democrats say [the bill] could save the jobs of more than 300,000 teachers, police officers and other public health workers. Republicans see it as more profligate government spending and a pre-election gift to teachers' unions and other public service unions that are crucial to helping keep Democrats in the majority.

The legislation provides $10 billion to school districts to rehire laid-off teachers or ensure that more teachers won't be let go before the new school year begins. The money could keep more than 160,000 teachers, including 16,000 in California and 14,000 in Texas, on the job, advocates say.

The other half of the bill has $16 billion for six more months of increased Medicaid payments to the states. That would free up money for states to meet other budget priorities, including keeping more than 150,000 police officers and other public workers on the payroll. Some three-fifths of states have already factored in the federal money in drawing up their budgets for the current fiscal year.

The National Governors Association, in a letter to congressional leaders, said the states' estimated budget shortfall for the 2010-12 period is $116 billion, and the extended Medicaid payments are "the best way to help states bridge the gap between their worst fiscal year and the beginning of recovery."

But House Republican leader John Boehner contended, "The American people don't want more Washington 'stimulus' spending — especially in the form of a payoff to union bosses and liberal special interests."

Pelosi responded, "Why wouldn't House Republicans want to keep 310,000 teachers, first responders and private-sector workers on the job instead of on the unemployment lines?"

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oct 2 - National March for Jobs & Fair Economy

For more info, visit: One Nation
Link to Flyer

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Like New Deal, Stimulus Should Create Jobs Directly

Economic View - Like New Deal, Stimulus Should Create Jobs Directly -

"ACROSS the United States, thousands of federally financed stimulus projects are under way, aimed at bolstering the economy and putting people to work. The results so far have not been spectacular.

"Why not? There’s nothing wrong with the idea of fiscal stimulus itself. We need more stimulus, not less — but we need to focus much more on actually putting people to work..."

"...So here’s a proposal: Why not use government policy to directly create jobs — labor-intensive service jobs in fields like education, public health and safety, urban infrastructure maintenance, youth programs, elder care, conservation, arts and letters, and scientific research?"

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