Monday, March 28, 2011

Taking Aim at the Pentagon Budget | The Nation

Taking Aim at the Pentagon Budget | The Nation:

Robert Dreyfuss, 3/23/11 (in April 11 2011 issue of The Nation magazine)

Here's a good piece by Robert Dreyfuss on the potential for significant savings in military spending, which could be used to fund other things America needs, like clean energy, infrastructure and education, as advocated by groups like the New Priorities Network.

"...A politics of debt and deficit reduction has taken hold in Washington, tied to an economic crisis that has convinced many that the United States can no longer afford an oversized Pentagon. And for the public, the decade-long trauma of 9/11, which fueled the “war on terror,” has finally begun to ease. War-weary Americans have turned decisively against the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and, according to polls, voters support cuts in military spending. All that creates space on Capitol Hill to take on the Iron Triangle."

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