Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stop the presses > Public opposes cuts in social programs

One important constituency isn't down with Slash and Burn for public education, health care and social programs -- the public.

President Obama must strike modest tone in speech - USATODAY.com:

"...Polls show Obama may have support for his investments. Given nine potential areas from which to cut, those polled by USA TODAY/Gallup this month favored only one: foreign aid. Majorities opposed cuts in education, the arts, antipoverty and farm programs, defense, homeland security, Medicare and Social Security.

'We need to invest trillions more to build the 21st-century infrastructure necessary for our nation's and our planet's future,' AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says. 'We should be hiring more great teachers ... not firing them because our states are out of cash.'"

Drive for Decent Work comment:

Let's be clear. If the Congress continues on a trajectory to cut off financial aid to states and strangle discretionary public sector spending, hundreds of thousands of teachers, health care workers and municipal workers are going to lose their jobs. The resulting escalation in costs for unemployment assistance and collapse in consumer spending will feed the downward spiral.

The states have been mugged by Wall Street, and the thieves are getting away without even paying civil damages, or even getting their limousines towed.

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