Friday, December 3, 2010

Alternative Fiscal Blueprint Proposes Options for Job Creation and Economic Recovery

Demos, the Economic Policy Insitute and the Century Foundation have released a progressive alternative to the draconian recommendations of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Visit to read the report and download fact sheets about progressive options for federal policies.

Our Fiscal Security - Fiscal Blueprint:

"...Putting our nation on a path of broad prosperity will require generating new jobs, investing in key areas, modernizing and restoring our revenue base, and greatly increasing the cost efficiency of the health care system. Achieving these goals, however, will require an informed and engaged public to help set national priorities."

"The following report puts forth a blueprint that invests in America and creates jobs now, while putting the federal budget on a long-term sustainable path. We document the hard choices that need to be made and suggest specific policies that will yield lower deficits and a sustainable debt while preserving essential initiatives and investments."

The report is available for download (PDF), and viewable below. Click here to download the executive summary (PDF)."

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