Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama Economic Team Passes Out the Kool-Aid | BanksterUSA

Obama Economic Team Passes Out the Kool-Aid | BanksterUSA:

Submitted by Mary Bottari on November 3, 2010

"It’s the day before a hotly-contested national election, where it appeared the rabble was well positioned to deliver a colossal spanking to the elites who have too-long ignored their plight, so what does Team Obama do?

They have a press conference to talk about their eagerness to complete the Korea Free Trade Agreement negotiated by President Bush. 'The president has long said we want to try and address the outstanding issues regarding the Free Trade Agreement in order to bring it forward for approval,' said Mike Froman, Obama’s deputy national security advisor for international economic affairs. “[W]e're going to put every effort into achieving ... an acceptable agreement, a satisfactory agreement, by the time the president comes to Seoul,' he told a news conference on Monday.

Are these people nuts?"

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