Friday, July 23, 2010

Second Stimulus? No Chance!

Never say never... it's a teachable moment.

Second Stimulus? No Chance!
by Ann Elise Taylor
Texas Observer
Published on: Friday, July 23, 2010

"...Two years ago, Michael Williams, 47, worked in retail management. He had been with the same company, which he prefers not to name, for 22 years. His performance evaluations were excellent, and his employer gave him rave reviews, he says. He was seasoned, successful and secure in his chosen career field.

That was before the recession. Williams has been unemployed since Nov. 2008.

Williams is now a member of Launch Pad Job Club, a nonprofit that aids job seekers in the Austin area, and he volunteers as the leader of Public Servants Alliance Group (PSA), a subgroup of the organization. PSA has been working to turn the attention of Texas politicians to the unemployed by advocating for policies that will aid job seekers. Among these is a second round of federal stimulus.

“There’s a huge need out there [for more stimulus],” Williams said. “There’s such a vast majority of people who are suffering and struggling from no fault of their own.”

However, with the federal deficit hovering near $13 trillion, American voters are skittish to support spending more to boost the economy. And, with the November elections approaching, even some of the Senate’s Democrats are hesitant to approve of additional stimulus money..."

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