Wednesday, January 6, 2010

J-O-Bs should come before GDP

J-O-Bs should come before GDP - -

Rep. Phil Hare (D-Ill.) writes in a 12/03/09 op-ed:

"...First, we should pass Chairman Jim Oberstar’s Surface Transportation Authorization Act. This legislation represents an important investment in our crumbling infrastructure and will create or sustain 6 million jobs. The original economic recovery package contained too little infrastructure spending, a tried and tested job creator. Here is our chance to rectify that error."

"Second, I intend to introduce the New Deal for a New Economy Act (H.R. 4290), legislation that creates a hybrid of Roosevelt’s WPA and an expanded version of the Conservation Corps of the 1970s. This bill will authorize a multiyear grant program administered by the Department of Labor to provide funding for the creation of resource management positions on federal and state lands, public works projects on the state and local level, and public interest work with community-based nonprofit organizations. This legislation would provide a lifeline to the many Americans who find themselves out of work and out of hope... "

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