Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"American Jobs Plan" released by the Economic Policy Institute

The Economic Policy Institute, a nonprofit Washington D.C. think tank that works to broaden the discussion about economic policy to include the interests of low- and middle-income workers, recently proposed a five-pronged jobs plan to address the unemployment crisis.

The fourth component of the plan is of particular interest for direct job creation advocates, although it is much smaller than many of us would like to see. The plan would create 1 million public service jobs, with funding of $40 billion over 3 years allocated to states through the federal Community Development Block Grant program.

The other components of the plan include extending unemployment and COBRA benefits, more fiscal relief for state and local governments, increased federal investment in school construction and transportation, and a tax credit for private employer job creation.

American Jobs Plan:

"The United States is experiencing its worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression. Nearly 16 million Americans—our family, friends, and neighbors—are out of work. This national crisis demands a bold plan to put people back to work. The Economic Policy Institute proposes the American Jobs Plan, a plan that would create at least 4.6 million jobs in one year.

Here you will find EPI's comprehensive research and analysis of the jobs crisis—how severe it has grown and why—and the details of EPI's American Jobs Plan.

We can—and must—put America back to work."

Read the plan

Download entire plan (PDF)

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