Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rep. John Conyers calls for full employment legislation

Last week Rep. John Conyers called for stimulus measures to restore the US economy to FULL EMPLOYMENT. Conyers joined the Keep in Made in America Tour organized by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, Mayors & Municipalities Automotive Coalition, and the United Steelworkers.

Apparently due to collapse of the newspaper industry, and/or the laziness of the corporate media, the only newspaper that appears to have covered Conyers' remarks so far was the People's Weekly World.

Keep It Made in America Tour: Stand up & fight for jobs, communities:

"To keep manufacturing in America, we must “change this rotten system” that Wall Street has created, said another Michigan Democrat, Rep. John Conyers. We need an “economic system that puts everyone to work,” Conyers said.

He proposed a new full-employment act similar to the 1978 Humphrey Hawkins Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act to retrain workers and create jobs to get the economy moving. “What we need now is a full employment stimulus,” the veteran lawmaker said."

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