Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fix America's unsafe dams!!

Progressive government in the 1930s helped create dams that now need to be renewed... Without a massive new public investment program, it isn't clear how unsafe dams will be fixed.

Here's a local example of this shocking problem.

Two unsafe area dams need work - - The Pocono Record:

By Beth Brelje
Pocono Record Writer
February 07, 2009

"Two dams that guard East Stroudsburg's drinking water are considered unsafe by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. It doesn't mean the dams are in imminent danger of bursting, but they do need some expensive attention.

The East Stroudsburg Dam and Middle Dam manage the flow of water at a reservoir on Reservoir Run, formerly known as Sambo Creek, in Smithfield and Middle Smithfield townships...

The dams were built in the 1930s as projects for the Works Progress Administration, according to records in East Stroudburg. Since then, spillway requirements have changed. Today both dams have spillways incapable of handling a probable maximum flood, sometimes called a 500-year flood, or worst-case-scenario flood."

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