Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grassroots support needed for economic recovery legislation

Media coverage of Obama's proposed economic recovery plan is indicating that it faces significant opposition from conservative legislators.

This is an important reminder that passage of even this initial building block toward job creation and lower unemployment is not assured!!

From: Obama focusing on winning support for $820 billion economic stimulus package (CBC News):

" the weeks ahead, Obama has to win over Republicans and some fiscally conservative Democrats who don't like the economic recovery package.

House Republicans say they won't support it because it's too reliant on government spending and doesn't provide enough tax relief for families and small businesses. They also charge that the plan contains too much 'pork-barrel' spending - cash infusions earmarked for some curious causes."

"Curious causes"? Is fixing America's crumbling schools and collapsing bridges a "curious cause?"

We strongly urge grassroots organizations to work with local city councils, county legislatures and other bodies to pass local municipal resolutions in support of a strong Main Street Stimulus package. See the National Jobs for All Coalition's sample resolution. Let's help Main Street be heard in the halls of Congress.

Passing a resolution will also help create local discussion and debate about unmet social needs. What opportunities do we have to create living wage jobs for all, by addressing the huge backlog of infrastructure projects and service needs? Elected officials are waiting to hear from YOU.

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