Monday, October 8, 2007

Jobs for All Week - November 2nd to November 9th

The National Jobs for All Coalition is calling for events and actions to highlight the fight for jobs and economic justice November 2nd through November 9th. Jobs for All Week is being organized to support THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK. This program will provide needed human services and infrastrucuture and other investment, and at the same time create decent jobs.

Over 16 million Americans are unemployed or involuntary part-time workers, or among the "hidden unemployed"--those who would like a job but aren't currently looking. Other millions more are working at poverty wages. And millions more, even college graduates, are without pensions, health insurance, or job security.

The need for for public investment was highlighted by the Katrina disaster and the recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis. All over the country, there are Katrinas and Minnesotas waiting to happen.

Our proposal is a Win/Win Solution to deal with our double deficits in DECENT WORK and PUBLIC INVESTMENT in human and physical resources.THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK campaign supports legislation in the US Congress, bills that correct the underinvestment in vital human and physical resources and at the same create millions of decent jobs.

Legislation includes the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act, Bringing America Home Act (HR 4347), Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a legislative proposal to hire 100,000 new teachers, proposals on renewable energy, youth employment, a Living Wage Jobs for All Act (HR 1050), and proposals for improving transportation and the environment.

For the complete list, please consult THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK at or We are also supporting national Health Care for All and have included proposals for legislation repairing the losses and investing in protections for the Gulf coast.

The National Jobs for All Coalition is calling for activities in the fall, including educational events at community centers and union halls. Universities might feature panel discussions highlighting local conditions, lay-offs, plant closings as well as the job opportunities in providing services and investments needed by their communities. Panels should included laid-off workers, those whose jobs or incomes are threatened, educators, trade unionists and low income advocates. We see these events as the kick-off of a national debate on jobs and needs for public investment and services which have gone unmet for so long.

We encourage groups to organize actions at employment offices and Job Centers on Friday November 2, 2007. Informational picket lines and rallies will bring attention to the plight of working people. November 2nd is first Friday of the month, the day unemployment figures are released by the Dept. of Labor. We will have just a brief time to organize this effort but we believe we can get this off to a good start now. We could have a major impact on national politics.

We are seeking endorsements and resolutions by city governments and other governmental bodies in support of Jobs for All Week and THE DRIVE FOR DECENT WORK. We are also seeking endorsements from both organizations and individuals for this drive.

For more information contact:

Logan Martinez
Miami Valley Full Employment Council / National Jobs For All Coalition
Phone: 937-275-7259

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